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Myths and legends

Regarding myths and legends we would like to introduce you with two of them, which are the most important.

The legend of St Blasius, the Patron saint of Dubrovnik

St Blasius was bishop of Sebasta in Armenia, he suffered martyrdom under emperor Diocletian, and became patron saint of Dubrovnik in the 10 th century. It seems that he appeared in a dream to one Stojko, rector of the cathedral, and warned him that the Venetians, anchored near the island of Lokrum, intended to attack the city that night. After the Senat had checked Stojko's report, St. Blasius became the patron saint of the city of Dubrovnik. His statue was carved on all fortresses of the city and above all city gates. St. Blasius also adorns the flag of the Republic and all official seals and coins minted in Dubrovnik.

The feast of St.Blasius is celebrated every year on February 3, and it is true feast of the whole city. This feast is known for the participation of people from villages in their national costumes, for the majestic procession in which the relics of the Saint are carried and for popular events.


The legend of the Cathedral

The cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin was built in the 18 th century after almost complete destruction in the earthquake of 1667. of the former Romanesque cathedral. According to historical sources, the former cathedral was a magnificent basilica with a cupola, richly decorated with sculpture. According to tradition, part of money to build the church was contributed as a votive gift by King Richard the Lion Heart, having survived shipwreck near the island of Lokrum in 1192 on his return from the Third Crusade.During the restoration work in 1981., foundations of an earlier cathedral were discovered.This suggest that the cathedral was built in the 7 th century. This discovery gives a new dimension to the history of Dubrovnik, proving that Dubrovnik was an organized urban whole as early as the 7 th century.

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